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4 years later, Francisca is still amazing.  This time I got into an accident, and she actually

took me to the police department, helped me

file my claim, and stepped me through the rest of the auto insurance process.  She went above and beyond and really supported me through this experience.  Everyone should definitely

go to Perez Insurance Agency!


Friendly, Saves Money, Free Service.   I went to Perez Insurance Agency by a friend's recommendation.   I've never received such great service.  Francisca Zizumbo helped me find the best auto insurance company and best coverage options given my non-stellar driving history. 

She helped me to save over a hundred dollars. 

Also, I was surprised that her services did not cost any extra.  It was completely free.  She helped me buy the insurance on the spot.   Francisca ensured me that if in the future I had to file a claim, she could support and advise me through the process so I can get my money's worth. 

The overall process was quick, painless.  Francisca is as friendly and down to earth as they get, and she helped me save a lot of money.  

I would strongly recommend Perez Insurance Agency for any insurance needs.


Loved the fabulous customer service, you

always get an actual human on the phone

verses a machine. The staff is super knowledgeable and extremely patient

when going through your policies and

answering any questions one might have.

I like the variety of companies they represent.

I saved a lot on my policy and increased my coverage. My previous agent never explained

my limits and the liability I was open to before

I came here. Sadly, I have had a few claims and getting them resolved were easy and quick. I completely recommend this place.

Gustavo G.

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